Rapid React Robots With Multiple Cargo Intakes?

We’re now in Week 2 of the Rapid React competition season. Many teams have revealed their robots and taken the field for their first events. One thing I’ve noticed this year is an increase in the number of robot designs that utilize two or more cargo intakes, relative to other games in recent memory.

I can think of a couple reasons why it might be advantageous to have >1 cargo intake for this game, but I’m curious what the CD experts think about this design choice.

Teams I have seen who are #dualintakegang below:

  • 67 - HOT
  • 180 - SPAM
  • 1507 - Warlocks
  • 3015 - Ranger Robotics
  • 5940 - BREAD (teaser video, assumed)
  • 7407 - Wired Boars

I’m sure I am missing a few teams, who’ve competed, and I’m sure there are still some teams waiting to reveal. I’m hoping CD can help me fill out the list.




Gave it some serious consideration early on.

4265 - Secret City Wildbots

1684 - The Chimeras


3309- Friarbots


We are currently #dualintakegang with the end goal to join #teampooper


Why we did it again…worked REALLY well for us last time. :wink: So from day one when we seen the game it was going to happen.
Goes well with swerve too.

Plus, one gets broken, you have a backup.


1156 - Under Control

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4451, who refers to it as “South Carolina Swerve”.

2 intake would make some sense on 6wd bot to grab scattered cargo however with more teams running swerve there is less of a need to run 2 intakes.

There are a couple in Israel: 2231 and 8223.
Interestingly, 8223’s intakes aren’t front and back, but rather to the sides (they have a mechanum drive).
I think 1657 also has two intakes but I’m not sure.

Side dual intake makes a lot of sense, you can orbit around the hub intaking balls with the shooter constantly facing the goal.

4400 has duals. Think a few others as well at Orange County but other than 3309 I can’t recall them.

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Yes, 3309 does double side longitudinal intakes, is sweet. So, think of a long, short sided normal robot. This is the sides take in! Pleasure to view. (Wish I thought of that)

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2974 Walton Robotics has dual intakes.

1322 has a 4 sided intake.

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