Rapping With Team Hammond

Hip Hop artist “NL” raps with Team Hammond. See trailer of his “Aim High” number which will be included on his soon to be released album “Time Machine”. .

“Aim High” trailer http://www.hammond.k12.in.us/TeamHammond/aimhigh.html

Look for more at the Chicago regional.

“N L” contact vangardmanagement@yahoo.com


This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. My whole team just watched it, and they gave it two thumbs up. Seriously, I’m not even being sarcastic, this is awesome.

By the way, that was a nice bounce you had going. :slight_smile:

nice work Mr. Bill and company


Enough said. :wink:

Can’t say anything but good stuff about that. A lot of good has been coming out of Hammond for quite a while now this season!

Will N L possibly attend Champs?

NICE! THAT’S all I can say

A few of the places where you did edits between shots are a little rough (as in, you can hear where the edit points are), so that the beat doesn’t line up correctly to my ear… but other than that, this is mind-boggling.


EDIT: You know FIRST has a classic rock band, now hip-hop, how can we not get some representation in electronic music? Does germany have teams yet? Let’s petition Kraftwerk!

i like the white kid in the corner

Very nice! Excellent message. Hmm…could we see a collaboration with NL and DSK in the near future??

As far as representation in the electronic genre is concerned, I’m nowhere near the level of NL or DSK, but I have made some stuff for the FURC project which can be found here: http://endeavour.zapto.org/furc/wiki/Kevin_Kolodziej

Keep the good stuff coming!


That is awesome!!!

Oh course, we always expect awesome from you guys :slight_smile:

Best of luck this year.

Is there somewhere I can download the mp3? that is DEFINITELY going on my MP3 player

im hella impressed!

When NL heard from one of our mentors abut FIRST he immediately wanted to here more about the program and the competition, and quickly decided to do the “Aim High” number. After discussing it for less then an hour, he started making the recording. In less than two hours, the rough draft was complete. Amazing.

He then requested for a chance to meet our entire team and he and some of his friends visited and performed the unfinished draft with our goup. During this time our folks took some video and I pushed the video team to quickly put together something to post. The finished audio recording will probably be available by the middle of MArch.

I personally am on the fence with rap, but NL pointed out it can be a powerful media to get the message about FIRST to a segment of today’s youth that might not be reached through more traditional means.

Mr. Bill

Amen. As always, we applaud your efforts!

What’s to be on the fence about? It’s just a genre classification, and one with a huge, almost to the point of being useless, range. Is Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues rap? I’d say so. But what you are probably refering to is Gangsta rap, which gets a completely inordinate amount of attention. Don’t judge this genre (or any genre!) by what you see on MTV or the other tightly controlled media outlets.

And NL is right, this will reach a certain segment of the population that probably won’t hear about FIRST otherwise, and more importantly, change the public perception of FIRST.

Once again 71 blows my mind with another amazing project. This is probably one of the coolest things i have seen in some time. My hats off to you guys.

I cant wait to hear the final version and see what you guys have put together for this years competition.

I think it’s great that NL came in and was so involved. I’m sure your kids enjoyed a lot, too. And look now, everyone can enjoy. The tune is catchy and the lyrics are positive.

I say awesome job =).

The completed version of “Aim” High was presented at the Chicago Regional. We will try to get at least part of it posted this weekend.

Mr. Bill

The completed rap “Aim High” was presented at the Chicago Regional.

Here is link to the video that was taken. You will need the latest version of Quicktime.


Mr. Bill