Raptor Track

Does anyone out there use the new Raptor Track chassis?

We are really happy with it, but, we are experiencing some chain rubbing issues. We have double checked the installation instructions, and we believe we have it put together correctly. Is there anything we can do to fix this?


Can you attach some pictures of where it’s rubbing?

You might get more of a response by sending an email to support.andymark.com or tag @Nick_Lawrence @Danny_Blau @NathanNFM

I’ll try to email them, here is the image!

Thanks for the help guys!

The chain is running on the bearing? If you are sure the bearing doesn’t need to be flipped, you could add a spacer to hex shaft to give you that extra clearance.

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From the assembly instructions, it appears that the bearing on the shaft should be pressed in the same direction as the on it’s rubbing on (Step 3 on page 5), and there should be a 3/16" spacer between the hub and the bearing (step 8 on page 6). I can’t tell from the picture if it’s set up that way, but I’m guessing the spacer isn’t in there.

Yes, the spacer is in there and we send AndyMark the picture via email.

Yeah, that’s what I’m planning on doing. I just wanted to see if there was anything obvious that I was missing, or if AndyMark came out with any updates!

Thanks for the help

this just came to me: if you just flipped that entire hub on the axle, it would solve your problem.

That would misalign the chain run to the pulley

missed step 35 but I wonder if the alignment would be an issue?

Yeah, I will try to look at the drivetrain today to get some better pics…