Rare Events in Destination: Deep Space

Let’s note some of the rare events from Destination: Deep Space. Of the 18,035 matches there were only 35 double rocket matches during Qualification Matches and 3 during the playoffs!

Team 4926 won a playoff match based upon the 3rd tie breaker: Hatch points! I don’t know how often that happened.

What else was rare?

where did you see how many double rocket matches were during the season?
I know my team did 1 in Archimedes but I find it hard to believe there were only 35

The statistic, among many others, is listed on the Blue Alliance.

Not only the first tie ever on Einstein round robin, but Tesla did it TWICE!

Team 5460 were in 6 of those 35 double rocket qualification matches
East Kentwood-
Qual 34

MSC Dow-
Qual 41
One ball away in Qual 71

Qual 55
Qual 71
Qual 82
Qual 94

Another rare event is the two ties at the Michigan State Championship Finals, where even all the tiebreakers were tied.


Crikey, that is crazy. I totally missed that. Whoa!

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