Rasberry Pi for a demo robot driver station

We are putting together a demo robot that interacts with the crowd and thinking about different ways to have a smaller driver station.
Our demo robot is using a RRIO and programmed in labview.
One of the wild ideas we had was to use a Raspberry PI3 that runs linux and run the Java Driver station from the PI.
The PI3 has a onboard wifi module and we could find a SD card big enough to hold the programs we need. It only has 1GB of RAM.

We are not sure if the driver station would run on a PI3 or not. We are also unsure of how to run the driverstation without installing the entire labview development enviroment.
If the driver station is the only program that runs on this PI, would it work?


Not sure how easy it would be, but your best bet may be to reverse engineer the DS protocol and then write your own program (probably python?) to act as the driver station. People have done it before, so its possible. Might want to even try to contact them for some help.

You could try running QDriverStation on the Raspberry Pi. I haven’t tried compiling it for ARM, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

PM me if you want the driver station I wrote for arduino.