are rasberrypis allowed on the robot. Btw im new to robotics so sorry if this is stupid.

TL;DR: yes.

They can be used on it, though they can’t replace the RoboRIO as the control system or communicate any other way than through the FMS.

I do believe that some may in fact consider this a stupid question, however I don’t believe anyone on this forum has never made one like it, so I don’t believe anyone will hold it against you.

For future reference, before posting a thread, it is good practice to always use chiefdelphi’s, or google’s search function to see if your question has been asked. Chances are, if you’re new and have a question, you’re not the only one who has ever had it, and that it has been asked before on these very forums. It saves a lot of time since you’re not waiting for a reply.

With questions on legality, FIRST does in fact publish a game manual, and it is rather thorough, so I would venture to say that the legality of on-board processors (such as the raspi) and what things you can legally do with them, is detailed rather well in the manual.

[Spoiler Alert]

if you are too tired, lazy, have a terrible internet connection, are being attacked by dragons, or are in some other way inhibited from searching through the game manual, here is the gist of what it says on extra processors on the robot:

They are allowed, as long as they are solely powered by the robot battery, and as long as they do not control any of the robot’s actuators. Sending data to the Roborio and having the roborio control the shooter is A-OK. Wiring the shooter to the GPIO on the pi is not.