RasDash: A simple dashboard for your Raspberry Pi


I took what I learned from making BlueDashPro and applied it to NodeJS, and, boom! RasDash was born. It is a web dashboard meant for use with a Raspberry Pi. As of now, it shows CPU usage, CPU temp, RAM usage, and disk space left. I made it so I could see how the Raspberry Pi we use for vision is doing while were testing. And, if your using Raspberry Pis to run screens in your pit, you can use RasDash there too. I know this may be not 100% FRC related, but if any teams rely on Raspberry Pis this may be beneficial to them.

Github Repository



Please remove node_modules from your repo. It is something that should never be checked in.

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Have you seen the FRCVision web dashboard? http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/currentCS/m/85074/l/1027798-the-raspberry-pi-frc-console

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Awesome! Coming from a team that does not use the WPILib FRCVision Pi image, this will serve us well! Thank you for your work on this.



Would adding it to .gitignore work?



Yes, I have. But this dash works for teams using custom firmware, or using pis to run screens in their pit or something.



@ErnieWilson Thank you so much for your quick (but really important) improvements you made on GitHub :smile:! I have merged your fork with the current version and thanked you in the pull request notes. It’s super cool that you can just require() in a JSON file and get all the paremeters!



No problem! I am currently adding support for network transmit and received in kb/s.

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The one in FRCVision is built static so it can be copied to any Pi. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have more than one option, though!




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Big update!

I just created a site to showcase the current version of the software! Please, take a look!

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Hello Again!

I just ported v0.3.0 to Heroku to create a live demo (v0.3.0d). It can be viewed here. Thanks again for all your support!



Important Update!

There was a bug that caused high CPU usage (>25% on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+) from the server while the dashboard is viewed in a browser. It has been fixed in 0.3.1.