Rasp Pi + Spark Max + Neo motors over CAN ... + looking to buy roborio

Hi, I’m from WPI on a non-FRC project team. However, we are using Neo motors with a Spark Max controller over CAN to get encoder values and we’ve been trying to control them with a Rasp Pi. We’ve found that the Pi is incompatible and unable to communicate with the Spark Max’s so we’re unable to send/receive data. We’ve decided that our best option would be to get a RoboRio to control them. However, they’re all out of stock online on NI, AndyMark, and Amazon. If anyone has any advice for our situation or a roborio they could sell, please let me know! Thank you!

Could/Did you try connecting to the spark using PWM instead of CAN? that might work better for a connection to a raspberry pi. I believe both cables are provided with new spark maxes. Might be a more workable option if you can’t get a RoboRio.

I do not know the full legal implications, but I believe the NI RoboRio 2.0 can only be bought by a FRC team-affiliated account, otherwise you must buy it retail (which is much more expensive). Maybe since you are a college there is a way around this?

Yeah, we were initially running it on PWM, but we can’t get encoder values over PWM.

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There was a thread a few weeks ago about dissecting the REV CAN protocol.

There aren’t any solutions there, but the OP said they were successful contacting REV so you may have similar luck.

Hey @Greg_Needel I know that non rio targets support is probably a lower priority but I think there’s maybe tens of us that would appreciate it. (I’d like to move to brushless for a project - CTRE supports this but for reasons I don’t want to buy Falcons)


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