Raspberry NetworkTables

I use Raspberry pi 4 to detect hexagon with code writed in Python. Everything is done but I can’t send data from it to Network Tables . When I look in shuffleboard and networktables there no data from raspberry . What should I put in Python code or smth on roborio Java code ?

Checkout PyNetworkTable from the RobotPy project.

Or use the FRC Vision Pi image on your pi and integrate your processing in one of the provided application example.

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See the pynetworktables troubleshooting guide: https://robotpy.readthedocs.io/en/stable/troubleshooting.html#pynetworktables

I got
sd = NetworkTables.getTable(“SmartDashboard”)
sd = putNumber(“roborio” ,1)
And that don’t put data on Network Tables

That last line doesn’t look correct, it should be something like sd.putNumber("roborio", 5). Can you link us to your code?

Does the console show that it connected to the roborio (refer to the troubleshooting guide). If not, it’s definitely not going to work.

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