Raspberry Pi cannot connect to robot NetworkTables

I’m using the FRC image running on a Raspberry Pi 4 to do vision detection for the game. My vision code is running correctly, and at the end it puts some values on SmartDashboard. My issue is that sometimes when I connect the Pi to the robot it doesn’t connect to the NetworkTables/SmartDashboard. Also, most of the time I can view the web dashboard and my camera streams but sometimes that fails as well. If I run the Pi just connected to my computer as a server, than the NetworkTables and web dashboard works perfectly all the time. Our robot is coded in Java, the Pi is in Python, and both the roboRIO and the Pi have a static IP.

What is your network setup? E.g. how are the Pi, computer, and RoboRIO interconnected?

The Pi is connected via Ethernet to the radio, and powered through a USB slot on the RIO. We connect to the robot with WiFi, and then we just view the web dashboard with the static IP of the pi.

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Sometimes there are communication issues between the two ports of the radio. Try putting an Ethernet switch on the robot and connecting the radio, Rio, and Pi to it.

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