Raspberry Pi computer

Anybody here planning on playing with one of these?


A 25$ credit card sized open source computer on a board.

I heard the initial lot sold out right away this morning. I think it’s a neat device, if it’s possible to actually buy one…

I’ll definitely get one when I can. I think it would be cool to use as sort of a mobile media center, to carry around videos and music. It would also be useful as a HTPC that could stream videos from some other computer in your house.

We particularly like anything related to Pi. Yes, it’s irrational, but we like it anyway…:rolleyes:

May be Pi in the sky, but I wonder if one of these could replace the CRIO, since AFAIK, it has GPIO and enough juice under the hood to run it, plus the new Gert Board attachment should be able to talk turkey with the digital sidecar, if not replace it altogether.

How about replacing your DS… enough power? Throw together a battery mod… a little 7in screen… run the DS in wine if you got to… think it’s possible?

The Pi uses an ARM cpu, while the driver station is written for an x86 platform. I don’t believe that it would be able to properly run on the pi.