Raspberry Pi Not Powering On

After testing the e-board I noticed that the Raspberry Pi wasn’t turning on. Eventually, I found out someone had accidentally wired it to the 12V/2A socket on the VRM and may have killed it. After connecting it to the proper 5V/2A on the VRM, it still won’t power on.

Just to eliminate some possible causes, there are a few things I have already checked. The SD card is socked securely, the +5V from the VRM is going into GPIO pin 2 and the -5V to the VRM is going into GPIO pin 6. When plugging it in the ACT light flickers once, but the PWR light never comes on. I’m assuming it’s shot and we are probably going to have to purchase a new one.

I think it’s dead, Jim.


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Thought so. I had a pretty deep suspicion that we overcooked our Pi.