Raspberry pi project

I’m working on my final project for my intro to engineering class in college and I need some ideas for my project and they need to be based around a raspberry pi. I’m wanting to build something to help frc teams at competitions. Let me know of some problems that you have at competitions that could use a solution

How about one of these (or multiple together!):

  • a display of upcoming matches & previous matches with scores from TBA
  • a list of alliance partners for upcoming matches with checkboxes next to each to make sure the team has made a pre-match plan
  • Interactive match checklist
  • Scouting data viewer/analysis
  • Pit map w/checkboxes for pit scouting
  • Webcast viewer
  • buttons to notify a team member in the stands to come to the pits (sms or slack message?)

I’m sure people can come up with more ideas (and more helpful ideas), but I think this list can help you come up with an idea that you care about.

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