Raspberry Pi send data to Roborio

In this season i decided to make vision targeting with RPI4 . I have almost everything ready on Raspberry Pi 4 side but i don’t know how to transfer data(distance to hexagon and its position from center of image, 3 ints ) from it to Roborio. I have no free ethernet port on roborio and router. On raspberry i use python and opencv . Is there and libraries for raspberry and roborio to send data by for example digital ports ?

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Your best approach is to use Ethernet and add a small Ethernet switch to your robot. There are even some USB-powered ones out there.

To send data from a Pi to a Rio, we use NerworkTables. NetworkTables is a communication protocol that allows you to send data from a coprocessor and access it on the Rio, or vice versa.

There are implementations and documentation available in Java / C++ and in Python.


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