Raspberry pi sometimes connects to modem...

Hello everyone. My team is using a raspberry pi 3 for vision processing. Our vision processing works correctly and we send the data to the Roborio using the networktables. The problem we are having is that the rpi sometimes doesn’t connect to the modem. We have tried using mdns for the ip of the rpi and Roborio and static ips, but in both cases the rpi sometimes fails to connect to the modem.

When it doesn’t connect the only solution is to turn off the modem and turn it on again. If we turn of the rpi without turning off the modem the rpi never connects so we believe it might be a problem with the modem.

Does anybody know what could be causing this behavior?

We had a very similar issue. What we did to fix it was to replace our 2017 router with a 2016 router. It really was that simple for us.

Have you set your network devices to a static configuration? That generally helps. Here’s a copy-paste answer from what I wrote for someone else with network troubles.