Raspberry Pi to Roborio Communication

My team has been working on implementing vision for this offseason, and has been able to create python code on a raspberry pi 2 that finds the angle the robot needs to turn to, to align to the target. The issue our team is struggling with is how to send this data to the roborio. I have been informed that networking and networktables are possible solutions, but i know very little about these topics and would need some serious help in their implementation. If you have any other ideas for communication or examples for how to implement networktables/networking it would be much appreciated. Our pi vision code is in python and our robot code is in c++. Thanks in advance for your help.

This is Mr. Bill on EagleForce, right across town from you.
We are doing exactly the same thing, except the Robot is coded in Java.
I would highly suggest you use UDP to send your target data to the RoboRio over Ethernet . In Python it is just 2 lines of code.
An alternative is to send it over USB. Again, just a couple lines of code. Just make sure you don’t allow the receive buffer overflow.
Please feel free to ask me for help on this. Jack can give you my contact info.

Would also look at using ZeroMQ. Just a suggestion though. It might be more than you need but it works great for us.