Raspberry pi vision processing



Our team is using the Raspberry Pi for vision processing and my question was, how do you connect the raspberry pi on the robot and the roboRIO. We have the code, we just need to be able to upload it onto the pi. Can someone please guide me through the process?


Assuming windows… download putty and install the suite.

From a command window:
pscp -pw raspberry uploadfile pi@ipaddressofRPi:/home/pi

In terms of connectivity on the robot, it should be connected via Ethernet to the robot radio or an Ethernet switch on the robot.

Regarding uploading custom code, are you using the FRCVision Raspberry Pi image? Or something else? What language is the code written in and what libraries are you using?

If you are using FRC Pi Vision, you open the dashboard and upload it.

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yes we are using the frc vision image. We are unable to access the raspberry pi’s wifi card.

WiFi is intentionally disabled on the FRCVision image because it’s not legal to use it during events. It is possible to re-enable it, but you really should be learning how to upload via the hardwired Ethernet connection, as that’s what you’ll need to do at competition (just like deploying to the RoboRIO).

I have an axis camera connected to my router along with the power, which means both of my ethernet slots are taken. I have no way of connecting my raspberry pi to my router, which is why I thought of using wifi

You will need to add an Ethernet switch to your robot so you have more Ethernet ports. It is not legal to connect via WiFi. There are some nice small/lightweight ones that can be used. See Small networking switch needed for eboard?

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For mounting to the robot you can buy or 3D print a case to mount to. For power you can just plug it into the USB port on the rio as long as you are not using the RPI 3B+ because the 3B+ pulls 5V and 2.5A so you will need a different regulator for it because the VRM only has 5V 2A.