Raspberry Pi with the FRC vision image stops streaming video and network tables

When we’re using the raspberry pi, the vision stops streaming data and the green light stops blinking. Our raspberry pi is using the WPILIB ML vision script and is connected to the router via a D-Link. We have a Google Coral connected.

Can you still ssh in or connect to the FRCVision webpage? If not, it’s likely the Pi has a power issue and has shut itself off–how are you powering it?

I’m on the same team as OP. We’re powering it via the 5v 2 amp channel on the VRM using a spliced microusb cable. I think we are having power issues, since the raspi LED flashes red (not enough power)

Is it a Pi 4? 2A may be pushing it. See this thread, and my post in particular, for some other options. How to Power a Pi?

Full disclosure I am NOT the programming mentor for our team but our lead programmer created OwlVision last year as a “wiser” version of FRC vision and it sounds like maybe (in my limited understanding of all of this) that it might help. IDK Here’s the link if you want to check it out: http://team5401.org/owlvision/

It’s a Pi 3 Model B

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