Raspberry Pi4 4GB - Backorder Available on Mouser - Expected 12/12/2022

I imagine teams are itching to get raspberry pi’s at the moment, and IMO the 4gb model is the sweet spot. Mouser just became an official distributor for raspberry pi and has a very large order coming in on 12/12 (currently over 4000 units are listed as remaining).

Backorders are up now, and I was able to place a backorder for 7 units.


Other RAM amounts have listed quantities on backorder, but no estimated in-stock date yet.

Please note that it is very possible, if not likely, that they will not have them on 12/12. It is equally likely that they aren’t going to receive anywhere close to the number they are promising on the website and may cancel your order (or reduce your quantity). It’s still worth placing an order IMHO.

EDIT: FWIW, an order confirmation came through with an estimated ship date of 12/13/2022


McMaster has a number on 5-7+ week lead: McMaster-Carr

I’ve been ordering those quarterly for work and they do usually show up within the advertised timescale, though they are higher than Mouser’s pricing. Still, lower than Amazon scalpers, sometimes by half.


Ouch, $18 dollar markup ($25 for 8gb) and currently listed at 7-8 weeks. Still, as you say, way better than scalper prices.

I guess it falls in line with my unofficial McMaster motto: “Always available, always on time, and always slightly overpriced.”


I ordered a couple PI’s from mcmaster over the summer, and after the lead time they didn’t ship due to not enough stock so I wouldn’t necessarily count on getting a PI from mcmaster

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I did have one instance where they emailed to suggest the 2GB model as the 4GB model had a longer lead time…but the email offered it at the same price as the 4GB model. Never got a proper cancellation.

I also might have had a notification bot and was ordering their entire west coast stock for two years.

I got an order update this morning that says my order will ship around August 15 instead of three days ago. :slight_smile: Which was about what I expected.


I hope “August” was an error - but these days I would believe it.

On a related note, I recently managed to get a Jetson Nano (4GB) dev kit for $149 from Arrow. That’s the first time in a year that they have been in stock anywhere for a reasonable price. If I recall correctly, they were $99 pre-shortage, but the “standard price” listed at the NVidia site is now $149. For the last year all I’ve seen have been highly marked up, anywhere froo 250 to 500.

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I got the same email. My guess is that the August date is equally wrong. Just a magic date after the expected “end of the shortage”, and orders will be updated with newer dates as more stock arrives. Unfortunately, no one could possibly know when that will be.

I’ve seen that news, but it doesn’t change that there’s no way to predict Mouser’s availability before the end of the shortage


Another mentor showed me this a couple weeks ago.

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