Ratchet attached to climber????

Would we pass inspection if we attached a normal ratchet to our climber to prevent the spool from unwinding after the match clock hits zero or if we have had the plate pressed for that one second will our alliance get the points?
Just wondering,

If you have had the touchpad pressed for t>1sec AND the touchpad is pressed at T=0 then it is fine if it slowly comes down after the end of the match. However, it is also legal to use a normal ratcheting wrench provided it follows all normal robot rules (max volume) to keep if from backdriving.

If you have actuated the light at T0, you score. After that it doesn’t matter.

As in the tool? It should be fine as long as it complies with other rules regarding safety, cost, materials, etc.

Well then, no ratchet is needed. We are using a PG-71 gearmotor with encoder for our climbing mechanism, and believe me it will come down slowly.

Have you tried stalling that motor to hold your robot up? With the variable state of a battery at the end of the match, climbing times may vary, and I would expect to have to stall it for at least 5 second per match. The motor might not like that very much… having a ratchet in there to allow you to turn off the motor instead of stalling it may work out better for you.

Teams are using ratchets so that their second of triggering doesn’t have to be all match side; it can be post match too.

Yeah, currently I am just stalling the motor. We decided to use the axes on a joystick to control the climber (I am the operator, my friend is the driver). So basically I am just barely pushing down the joystick to keep the robot at its position. I would rather stall the motor than put a ratchet on because the climber unravels right after the match which is nice.

As long as it doesn’t come down too fast to break something.

That has been tested. :wink: And the unwind speed is fine.

You need to hold the pressure pad for a minimum duration of 1 second, of which inside that one second somewhere has to be t=0.


It might seem nitpicky, but saying that all you need to do is have the pad pressed at t=0 isn’t true.

Take a look at page 27, section 3.9

The TOUCHPAD plate must be pressed such that the following conditions are met for the ROBOT to be
credited with being ready for takeoff at the end of the MATCH:
A. it’s minimally displaced by ½ in. (~1 cm),
B. it’s pressed for a duration of at least one (1) sec, and
C. it’s pressed when the Teleop Period ends at T = 0

Also take a look at page 44 and table 4-1, which refers to scoring.

Ready for Takeoff
For each TOUCHPAD triggered by a ROBOT at T=0

Regardless of what the graphic shows, the text of the rules must be taken literally. If the touchpad is pressed when T=0, and the touchpad has been pressed for at least 1 second, the climb is scored.

They way I understand it, you must press on the plate for one second to trigger it. (Turn the light on.) The plate must be triggered when the match ends. If the light is not enabled when T=0 you do not get the points even if you continue to hold it for the trigger time (which would normally turn the light on) after the match has ended? Is this correct?

Thanks in advanced.

Correct. This can be seen in Figure 3-23 on page 29 of the manual. Triggers that start AFTER T=0 do not count.

The way I read it, as long as the touchpad was triggered at the instant that T=0, and it continues to be triggered for 1 second (e.g. you didn’t let go), then you will get the points once the one second elapses.

It is correct that triggers that start after T=0 would not count, However, if you beginning the trigger .01 sec before the match ends and hold it for .99 sec after the match ends because the touchpad was pressed at T=0 & has been pressed for at least 1 second it scores.

Yes. We both just said the same thing.

Sorry, re-reading your post I realized that we are. Hey! Agreements are fun!

Alright, good to know. Last second climbs are possible then as long as you depress the pad before the end of the match.


This is clearly illustrated by the 4th green bar from the bottom in the screenshot posted yesterday evening by Brandon L.