Rate Limits

It appears lately that we’ve had a bunch of topics, especially controversial ones, devolve into a back and forth between two people. I know I’ve been guilty of it. This just detracts from the point of the topics and in a lot of cases ends up with a locked topic.

It appears that Discourse supports some rate limits for different actions. Is there any way we could possibly tweak these to limit the number of posts someone can make in a certain period of time?


while i would support that, and I would think that would help, there are several game type threads (mod counting, word association, mafia etc…) that could be ruined by a limit like this

Can the rate limits be applied to different sub-categories/topics?

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hey man I’m already sold on the idea but thanks for giving more good reasons for it anyway


What that’s my favorite part of chief delphi, especially since the update to Discourse?!?!?!?

I’d even suggest something along the lines of 2-3 posts per 5 minutes if that’s possibly. Would encourage people to reply to multiple people in a single post and also time to think about their post and if it should be posted.


I completely agree. The main problem is people that account for a large portion of posts in a thread by themselves. Usually what happens is the person makes a post and then gets a few replies, and then fires off a few rapid fire, single line replies which might not be well thought out. Those garner more replies and a cycle begins.

Does Chief Delphi still have the rule that this is meant to be a forum, and not a chat? The old clunky interface made it harder to rapid reply and carry on like you’ve described, you had to at least refresh the page.


Not really.

Bumping this as it seems to have happened again to a couple threads.

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I only disagree because of SLFF.

Then again, someone said they wanted to move it to a site next year so who knows.

it seems like it happening right now in the head ref digest thread…

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