Rate the Scouting Apps

I’ve been doing some research on the scouting apps that are currently available. What I haven’t seen is feedback from teams that have used them.

I would like to know who has used another teams app, were you happy with the performance, and did it support both iOS and Droid platforms?

Was it available online and offline?

Here is a list of the apps I have found, feel free to add more:

Thunderscout (team 980)
Robot Scouter
The Green Alliance (team 4909)
Cat5Scouting (teams 3489, 342, 3490)
FIRES (Team 3138)

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I’m a part of the team that’s developing ScoutingFRC! Since this is our first year developing it, we haven’t gotten any user feedback, but I can answer some of your questions!

Our site is usable on any device that can access websites, since it’s a webapp, and although it is currently only able to be used with an internet connection, we’re working to have an option for easy usage offline.

If you have any additional questions, let me know at scoutingfrcweb@gmail.com or you can check out our code at github.com/rschneyer/scoutingfrc

I’m on the team developing Robot Scouter, and we all love it.


  • It’s completely customizable by the team, so no need for constant maintenance each season.
  • It’s also got full offline support, and syncs up with all other tablets signed into the same account when it comes back online.
  • Deep team integration with The Blue Alliance and even allows you to take a picture of a team’s robot and upload it to TBA if you’d like.
  • Advanced exporting and statistical analysis.


  • It only has Android support for now, but that shouldn’t be an issue. We use a bunch of cheap tablets that you can get from eBay for less than $50/ea.


  • Auto Scout: Allow devices to communicate with each other to automatically suggest a team to scout, prioritizing the teams with the least amount of data gathered. No more manually managing a team of scouters!
  • Public Data: Allow users to opt-in to publishing their scouting data to share with the world. This will allow for lots of cool uses of tons of scouting data for many different teams!

Checkout the GitHub repository here, and definitely feel free to contribute! https://github.com/SUPERCILEX/Robot-Scouter

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Sorry if I come off as rude, but what do you mean by “Advanced exporting and statistical analysis”?

Hello! I’m the lead developer of ThunderScout, and my team’s been reasonably happy with it so far (we’ve been testing it since 2016 now). I haven’t heard much from other teams, but what I have heard has been positive.

My goal with ThunderScout has been to make an app that’s really easy to drop in and start scouting with little to no experience, but’s also useful to teams with more experience as well. Since it’s fully modular, it can run on one phone or a whole set of cheap tablets (including the $40 Amazon Fire, which my team uses).

It does lack quite a few advanced features found in other apps (TBA integration, an online backend, custom datasets) but I’m always looking to improve its functionality. I’m also currently working on updating it for the 2018 game.

It’s available on GitHub at https://github.com/Team980/ThunderScout-Android. If you have any questions, ask away, and good luck with scouting this season!

Team Paradox has used our RoboRecon web app for the past year. We used it at both the San Diego and Sacramento regionals, as well as championships. Compatible with any device with a browser and optimized for mobile as well as desktop, every person we have scouting (1 for each team, so 6 at a time) uses their own device.

A perk of all of the scouting data being online is that the scouts can be in the stands while the drive team goes over the teams in our upcoming match in the pits. We even used the app during alliance selections at San Diego to background check our list of possible teams. We can see a team’s performance in a certain area (ie. climbing, fuel accuracy, autonomous reliability, pilot competency, etc.) on tabluea graphs over qualifying matches to see if their improving or not. Combined with thebluealliance data and matches, it’s extremely easy and flexible from year-to-year.


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Hey guys! I’m the lead developer for The Green Alliance Scouting Platform. TGA has been redesigned from the ground up for the 2018 competition season to accessible to be an ever-increasing number of teams. Our system is inherently designed around the concept of collecting and sharing for all teams involved. We currently have several dozen teams on board, ranging from NE, CHS, MAR, PNW, FIM, IN, and a few other regional teams as well. All of this data will be aggregated and easily accessible to all teams involved through the use of our platform.

A major factor in our development was being able to support the workflows of all teams, and thus we support most phones/tablets/laptops, through a variety of syncing flows. Our system can work completely offline, while going online to sync as desired. In addition, our system allows manual input and CSV uploads for those teams who prefer paper scouting but would still like an way to analyze and collaborate on data.

You can check out our documentation/code here: https://github.com/FRCteam4909/The-Green-Alliance.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at team4909@gmail.com or join our Slack.


My name is Alex and I’m the head developer and owner of Project Siller, an online scouting platform developed last season.

A little about me, I’m not currently in any FRC team, however I do have experience in FRC competitions as I was part of a school team. I’m a self taught PHP programmer and system administrator which qualifies me to run and host Project Siller.

Project Siller was developed during last year’s competition. We started Alpha testing in the FRC MAR championships. During worlds, we granted several teams access to our platform. We added new features that allowed teams to work together on tasks like pit scouting, because of the large number of teams present. We also allowed teams to view other team’s data allowing them to essentially have multiple sources of data, in addition to their own and a database that has an average of all the data all the different teams collected.

Project Siller is completely written in PHP and our database engine is Percona MySQL 5.7, we use TokuDB as our storage engine. Project Siller is currently being redesigned and prepared for the upcoming season(First Power Up). We are looking to open the platform to the entire FRC community for Beta testing and registration. We will be opening registration starting early next week. Teams will only be allowed 1 account, but can invite up to 10 members to join their team on the platform. Login system has not been finalized, but will be very soon. Members of teams can submit and view all data from all teams. Our platform utilizes the Blue Alliance’s API to pull all match data and scores, which allows teams to enter the match number during match scouting and have the team numbers filled out automatically. Also new this year, our platform will include a prediction system that uses an algorithm to compare a team’s statistics based on pit scouting, match scouting, and past events(This function will be in alpha development for much of the season as we collect more data). Right now, our platform is only available online, but this year we hope to push out offline versions for Android and IOS, which will be written using the Ionic 2 framework.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted write as much information as I could to help newcomers understand our platform.

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on the forum.

Forgot the most important part, the link! It’s https://siller.io

Also, some pictures of 2102’s RoboRecon app:
https://imgur.com/Zf6VSsk (some tableau analytics)

Microsoft Excel is my favorite scouting app. Its flexibility and reliability make it my tool of choice for scouting.

Hi Alex! Is it still possible to join the beta program for this season?

Ideally, the data should be exportable so that teams can create charts to analyze the data, either in Excel or Tableau of something similar.

At the moment we are taking a deep look into Roblu. It offers many of the features we are looking for in an app. It is currently only available for Droid. We have a student creating a web interface and are looking for an iOS developer to fill the other gap.

We plan on doing our testing on the week 0 webcasts.

Are any of the scouting solutions promoted here fully up and running for Power Up at a level that we could try them out?

Also, do people have recommendations for a solution that works online or offline & that is reasonably quick to set up? We’d love to avoid paper scouting & tedious entry into Excel this year if possible. If we could find a solution to use year after year, even better.

Thanks to all the teams and individuals who make all these different solutions available to the FRC community!

Yes, Robot Scouter is always ready because you can change the scouting templates from within the app. As a bonus, I’ve already added a basic 2018 template.

A program we use is FRC Krawler made by team 2052 KnightKrawler. You set up a “server” device and everyone syncs to it via Bluetooth. We have 6 Kindle fire tablets running it and you can export to an Excel spreadsheet with the metrics you set for people to scout with. This is our second year using it andwe have yet to encounter a problem with it.

The FIRES Scouting app (online solution) brought to you by Team 3138 has been running for a few weeks. The Pit Scouting, Match Scouting and Admin Console is complete, The PickList is mostly functional, and the Dashboard is in progress (some here already but changing every day… ).

Check us out


After our first regional, FAST (FIRST Advanced Scouting Touchstone), worked wonderfully cute an iOS cloud based app. We now have graphs! That’s in addition to having stand scouting, pit scouting, and automatic syncing in app with devices. If offline, they will sync whenever they are brought online. It worked super well for us!! All you need to do to beta test is PM me a name and an Apple ID for the device you would like.

CHRISRIN - The Roblu app we use works online/offline. The scouting app runs on Android and requires online access to set up the devices. While scouting matches the app will store data locally and allow the user to upload when a network is available.