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Will this work for next year’s (2019’s) competition?


Yeah, absolutely! Robot Scouter has no “year” concept—instead, everything is based off of customizable templates. We’ll update the default ones of course, but you’ll always be able to create your own scouting templates straight from within the app. This customizable template concept means Robot Scouter can work for any year and any game. Don’t hesitate to ask us any other questions! :wink:




We’ve been developing one throughout this season, and it’s worked really well. It’s a PWA (progressive web app) called Peregrine. The backend is written in Golang and is docker ready, so deploying an image for your team is as easy as setting up digitalocean, docker cloud, installing postgresql, and deploying the app. The frontend is written in Typescript with React. It’s been invaluable with it’s event analysis, analysis over time of a single team, and compare page. We also added a feature where when a computer is hooked up to a receipt printer (~$20), we can print match slips that have a full analysis of all teams on the red and blue alliance in a given match. We give these slips to our drive team for a heads up about what teams can do. Feel free to check it out!




With Power-UP behind us. I would like to hear from everyone on how they liked their decision about selecting their platform. Also given the platform you used, what changes would you like to make for the upcoming season?


As the Robot Scouter dev, I’d love to hear feedback. :blush:


Hey. Our team is also developing an app. How were you able to get all the app to store data offline, and how do you put all the data together online?


Depends on the back end you’re using. IndexDB stores data in the browser and you can sync that with whatever database you want.


4967’s scouting app is named “Garlic Bread”.

I’m not going to show you the app, but based on the name alone I think we win.


Does robot scouter also scout pits?

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Yeah, absolutely! By default, there’s a match and pit scout, but you can actually create as many scouting templates as you like.


Ok, i found it. But it would be better if you dont have to go thru the whole process of settings, changing the scout. Maybe have 2 different pages that automatically link the teams and 1 be pits and the other be match? Just some feedback.

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If anybody wants something that’s more than just some checkboxes and counters, you’re welcome to check out my app. When developing it I focused on UI/UX, so I hope it’s a pleasant experience.

Check out more details in this post.

Feedback is welcome


Thanks for the feedback! You can actually long-press the plus button to add a scout. That will pop up a dialog that lets you use a specific template and optionally set it as the new default.

I haven’t split the teams page because the templates are completely arbitrary and you can have as many of them as you want. Interesting UX idea though, thanks!


Hello :slight_smile: Team 5943 The Bad News Gears we use to use HYPE Scouting which is all based on google forms and spreadsheets along with some APIs that go along with it.

This year we are currently transferring over to using AppSheet to create our own scouting app. Since this is our first year developing it, obviously there will be bugs as it is still under development. I personally like developing our app on AppSheet because for the most part its fairly simple.


We are very close to our first competition. Is anyone making a change in their scouting system selection?


Yes, we are lol


Try this one on for size: