Rate the sig of the person ahead o you.

I have searched to see if this excisted and I was surprised to see that it didnt! :eek: I have seen it on a bunch of other sites and it lastes a long time!

rules:Rate the signiture of the person in front of you. simple enough. :smiley:

Ill start with an example. 0/10
why:there is no one ahead of me to rate! There is no signiture!

5/10 – the text in the graphic is difficult to read, and using ALL CAPS GETS ANNOYING AFTER A WHILE.

Other than that-- it is a nice size… not too too long or intrusive… and best of all, its not animated :slight_smile:

hmmm… ill give it a 5/10. It gives you a history but says nothing about you.

a little bland but easily readable and gets the point across.

Impressive first resume, and team accomplishments. and 200 pixels compliant.

7/10 effective at conveying information, not cluttered and provides with information if i ever want to find him at a competition.

Originality 1/10
Randomness 5/10
Overall 5/10
I think this is the next olympic sport!:slight_smile:

The milage information is unique and interesting and says alot about the poster and it doesn’t eat up alot of memory.

Kyle: 3/10 - kind of a boring signature… more of an advertisement than a signature.

Koko Ed - 5/10 - love the team icon, but can’t read the words… and I like formatting so a center command would be cool. Same with Kyle actually.

8/10 for Elgin.

I always have liked Elgin’s signatures. They are informative but yet concise.

Andy B.


Not a lot of information, very simple and monotone. LOL. BORING! :stuck_out_tongue:
[Thats okay tho, your still cool!]

7/10 A lot of links and some useful information. It looks clean and organized, but I’ve never been a fan of centered signatures.

6/10-i like the “this space for rent” part.
keeps it concise with extra little bits of information.
design is simple but cool and unique.

Uses lots of colors. Has tons of information. Seems a bit braggy/show offy tho. But you are obviously proud so its okay.

Maybe too much information about robotics… LOL, Not enough about you.

9/10 – A nice small font, concise, clear and organized. Just the way I like signatures.

Very nice, although the small text size causes the underlines to do odd things…


Simple, very informative, font colors mesh well

Small readable, only part I don’t like is the long quote.

:slight_smile: 6/10- alil more color i guess wuld be nice, but go info which is good! :slight_smile:


Too many colors for me, kind of long.
Personal preference.