Ratio Tester in JVN Calc

Our team is using the JVN calc to determine the type of gearbox system for our climbing mechanism. We are having trouble finding what the ratio tester values indicate. Does anyone know specifically what each number represents?

ratio tester?

What version (date) of the spreadsheet are you looking at, and which tab?

I’m using AMB Design Spreadsheet v4.6. I am looking in the Mechanism Gear Ratio Calculator tab.

So not the JVN calc.


I’ve never used the AriMB calc but at a glance it looks like the first column is the input gear and the second column is the output gear in the reduction.

Additional rows are additional stages.

You can either fill it in with ratios of stages or gear teeth count to get you the ratio and therefore the final reduction.


In the example above, I use the first row to represents something like a vex planetary 10:1 stage.
The second row I’m represents a situation where you might have a 16 tooth pinion driving a 48 tooth spur gear.

That gives us a 30:1 reduction. (10:1 first stage * 3:1 second stage)

Does this answer your questions?

If not you can check out this thread or PM @AriMB directly. He seems like a pretty helpful guy.


Whoops. I got there from my JVN search and didn’t even pay attention. Thanks.

This does help.

Yes, the left row is the input (driving) gear and the right row is the output (driven gear). If you want to input just the ratio without selecting two gears (for a planetary for instance) you can just put the ratio in the right column without anything in the corresponding left column (for a reduction, if it’s an overdrive then you’d put it in the right column).

I thought I had labels on the ratio tester, they must have been lost in a UI change at some point. I’ll try to put them back in for the next update.

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JVN is the next Kleenex.


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