Should FIRST bring back the after-party rave at championships from 2014?

-A concerned partier

I’m voting no.

I’m voting no

FIRST’s decisions are usually not without reason, I would suggest that FIRST has already put a lot of thought into this and decided that conducting said event would not be in the best interests of FIRST and it’s participants.

I think that having a celebration/ after party is great, but it doesn’t necessarily need a “rave” to be a good experience. Raves don’t exactly have a good image and are often viewed by the public as being connected to drug use and illicit activities.

I would much rather spend the time talking to fellow FIRSTer’s, then participate in a “rave”. Being from a team based in Australia, FIRST Championship is really the one time in the season, when you have the capacity to talk to people from many different teams and countries and exchange experiences, ideas and expertise.

I graciously accept your “offer”, but it’s a no from me

I have had a wonderful time talking to FIRSTies whilst screaming and dancing. Besides, the only “illicit activities” going on at this rave are people taking off their safety glasses.

Yes I know, but it is about the public’s perception of what happens at raves. You can’t deny that they have a bad image

I would bet that the public has a pretty positive perception of raves in Scandiraveia.

Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the FIRST website, the team and event search does not seem to be able to find any teams in Scandiraveia :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not yet have enough championships to have one in Scandiraveia, nor any teams from that region. Thus until you can bring enough Scandiraveian teams to championship or bring a championship to Scandiraveia, my opinion is no for reasons previously discussed in this thread (public perception).

Literally you are my favorite person rn, also whens the after party from?

It was from 2014 to 2014

Approximate performance start times:
7:15pm Stikyard
7:35pm Jesse White Tumblers
8:00pm Eclipse
8:30pm Dance Party with DJ Andy Caldwell

Wow. A big thanks to the 35 people who voted on this thread and made their voices heard. We couldn’t have done it without your help. It has been a hard fought hour and 50 minutes, but we showed here that when people come together with a common voice and a common goal, we can truly make it loud.

As Dean Kamen once said: “Everybody has to be able to participate in a future that they want to live for.”

The people of Scandiraveia thank you.

OH MY GOD, our teacher said “we can’t stay for the party, we’re leaving right when the closing ceremonies end… at 10” and we were all super sad. Im so excited right now, omg :smiley: .

Also if my teacher is reading this, first of all hi hope youre doing well and pleaaaaaaaase let us stay

How would we attend a rave when we’re waiting to find out what side of the dome the Chairman’s award will be announced on while we listen to 2 hours of electronic music first?..

Yeah that was annoying. They gathered everyone together at one end of the dome to watch the Einstein finals. Then they wanted everyone to get up and move and find new seats at the other end of the dome for the closing ceremonies. They should have announced Chairman’s at the end of the Einstein finals, then moved everyone over for the concert.

Of course I understand the logistics of this was to set up one stage while still using another - but did they have any idea how long it takes to get 20,000 people to move through the arena, shuffling through the narrow aisles, all at the same time? That’s not even counting the matter of grabbing food in between.

Yes, it was an inconvenience last year. It might be quicker if they offer 254 and 148 shirts to the 1st people to make it to the other area? :slight_smile:

The 2014 party was brilliant. I must have missed the rave though. Too busy eating the free food no doubt. Last year was a huge disappointment after 2014.

I think at that point it becomes a danger. I nearly broke my arm during the finals scrambling to get to my seat before the final Einstein match began (I fell over a full row of seating, landing on my forarm on top of a chair two rows down from my seat). If you offer such coveted prizes I wouldn’t be surprised if people actually did break bones falling in their rush to get to the other side.

Cool idea, but I like the suggestion of them announcing chairman’s from the Einstein field and then having the music going while people move better from a safety perspective. Those chairs are quite solid and hurt a fair amount when you land on them wrong.

YASSSssssss. LEt da nurds outta their shells wit Rave Nation!