RC, anyone? *56k=No*

Anyone here do RC Cars?

Personally I run (when it runs) a Traxxas Revo 3.3, a Team Losi Micro-T, and a RadioShack Xmod…

Here’s a few pictures pulled from my PB:

The RadioShack Xmod: Generation 1:

EDIT: Five photo limit? Wow…

The Team Losi Micro-T with Xmod:

My Traxxas Revo:

Little Bro’s Traxxas Stampede:

Some Random Collages:
^^The last one is my little brother and his truck.

I do!


I have a Team Losi XX-4WE and an Associated FTB4. Offroad is so addicting. haha I used to also do Xmods, but I sold those, and had an Associated FTTC4, but sold that.
The GTX is now in my B4 and will be getting a brushless setup for the XX-4. For a buggy that’s 10 years old, still handles beautifully.
Don’t have pics of the B4, only ones are it caked in dirt from the track.

I’m all about air now!

My first nitro was the tmaxx which has been sitting for well over a year. Never got to replacing a carb that broke when I hit a barbed wire fence.
About a month ago I blew the clutch bearings and shoes on my LST.

Here is my Hirobo and my Axe CP


Some crazy iPhone camera blade effects of my buddies Caliber5:p


how fast can the one in the first post go? i remember i had a gas powered rc car that went like 40… also last year a senoir at my school CNC’ed up some parts and made his rc dual motor xD

Mine? I think it can do about 25mph… It’s a 1/28 scale, hardly over 5 inches long. Pretty fast for something of the size…

EDIT: You guys ever bring a car/truck to first? I’m thinking of bringing my Micro-T this year… I’ve had the xmods and FLL compitions in middle school…

>:O while reading this i came up with a WONDERFUL idea… what about air RC cars?!

like, we take a motor out of an air drill, or something and put it into a car, develop a small … “container” like for air, fill it with the air and gogogogogoggo do u think it would be possible to make an air tank light enough, to hold enough air to power it for a reasonable amount of time?

I used to be into RC. Then I got a longboard… and I’ve never gone back. Much cheaper, lasts longer, and you can go faster. :stuck_out_tongue:

Longboard as in Surf or Skate?

You see, it might be cheaper in the long run, but you can’t beat a RC in a race…

AirHogs made air powered engines for thier planes a while ago, so it is possible. I know someone made a Steam powered truck. It was in a RC Mag last year, but it only hit like 15mph…

Air hogs also used to make some air powered toy cars. I do not know what they were called, but they might make a good rc test vehicle. I recently picked up an airhogs accelerator plane as a birthday present for my much younger brother. I also used to have one of the first air powered planes they designed many years ago. I’m pretty sure the engine is in the garage somewhere.

The hardest part is developing the container to store the air safely.

Search youtube.com and you will find many videos!:]

I also have a whole bunch of rc vids on my channel www.youtube.com/team222badbrad

Here is one the best videos I have seen on youtube recently with an rc plane


As of today my total watched videos on youtube is 2,333. :ahh:

Sure I can, provided the race is on a hill, going down. This longboarding as in skating.

But anyway, back to the topic. My first car was a Tamiya King Blackfoot. That thing was slowish, but fun because it could go over a lot of things. Then I upgraded to a HPI rst. That car was fun. With all its upgrades, that thing would go around 40 over anything I threw it at.

What’s up sweed… :wink:

I only have some Xmods (Sti, F-150, Hummer, RSX), a ZipsZaps, a Toys 'R us Super Slicks, and some crappy toy grade cars.

I don’t really have much money for anything else, I’m saving for college, and any other money I have goes to my Vex stuff.

I used to be big into RC. I started with a little crummy RadioShack car that managed to survive on pure durability to win third place in the B-main of the local touring car race.

From there, I upgraded around 2001 to an Associated TC3; it was, in retrospect, more car than I was ready for. I would later change to a Traxxas Rustler that would see the business end of a Dremel tool and race until I more or less retired out of necessity around 2004. (No real place to race or bash on the University campus.)

Given a fresh start today, I could probably improve upon both.

Get a helicopter!:smiley: I shake like crazy everytime I fly my heli or plane! It’s just that scary knowing that they could go out of control instantly.

If you get a small electric you could take it in the gym or on the field!

Here are the heli mechanics of my Hirobo!


This is one sweet chopper (100MPH++++) and pilot. My buddy filmed it and I watched. This professional pilot (Scott Gray) even let me take one of his birds up on a buddy box of course!:smiley:

This is what happens if you are lucky when you have a fouled glow plug while flying:

This is what they call the “Chicken Dance” of rc helis (you have to watch the end):

I love RC im currently big on nitro MTs I own an lst2 associated t3 a duratrax streetforce gp2 and a team losi mini-t