RC Error upon program state entrance.

ok GRR has been having this error for the past year or so. When we go to load a program and we enter program state, instead of the entering program state all the lights flash red then green then up and down red then green. Its really rather bizarre and it can be simply solved by reseting the rc. I’ve looked through all ifi’s documentation and i cannot for the life of me see any reference to it.

My question is, has anyone else seen this error? and what does it mean?

This is not really pressing as it is really simple to fix and i havn’t seen any performance issues so far but i was just curious.

I remember this from a while back, I think you are having the “Christmas Tree” issue.

Check out this thread:


Thank you.
I was just worried that it meant that my rc had 10 sec until self destruct or something like that. I love undocumented indicators.