RC Power Spade Broke

When our team removed the power lugs from the Robot Contrller, the main power spades broke off. Has anyone had the same problem? Any suggestions on what to do? We pused them into the holes left and they are pretty snug.

we 2 are having the same problem
however ours is just very loose
when we got our rc it had a bent power spade abd we thought nothing of it but now it is loose

we currently have a call into IFI and we are waiting for a reply

It sounds like you pulled the spade out of the board. This is a soldered in part and it best handled as a warranty repair by IFI. Contact them ASAP.

We had this problem with our breaker panel and one of its spade connectors.
I hope we don’t have this problem with our RC.

All the power spades whether it is on the RC or the Breaker Panel are soldered into the PCB. If these items come out you will want to call Innovation First, Inc. ASAP. You may be able to make a temp fix of pushing it back in or trying to resolder it yourself but failure due to the “repair” is going to be very high. These parts are integral to the operation of your robot and you don’t want them to fail again during a match, do you? Call IFI and they will be more then happy to help you out on a fix or solution to the problem.

[edit] I do not suggest trying to repair it yourself, call IFI to get directions on repair or replacement for any defective or damaged items [/edit]

If it is like most electronic devices, once you open it, you void the warrenty so I would shy away from doing that.

This happened to us as well, luckily it did during the first 2 weeks so we got it to IFI and got it back in time. Call them ASAP…

At least were not the only one. We pulled a power lug out the Saturday before we shipped. Not sure how we are going to handle this at competition.

This happened to us too, only it was because we pulled on it way too hard :smiley: We just gently soldered it back on and promised to easily take the cimps off from now on. :slight_smile: