RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Invitational 2019

Is there any information about this offseason event? I am looking to attend this event.

Did you try the website
I don’t read Chinese but there may be something there?

This is an event held every year in China.
Teams from around the world are invited to come to this event, which includes a competition and a workshop period.
The workshop is a chance for international teams to help upcoming Chinese pre-rookie teams build a legal FRC robot within the span of a week. These pre-rookie teams then compete alongside the international teams and experienced Chinese teams in a full, four day FRC competition.
There are two sets of elimination matches after qualification matches: one including the international teams, and one with just Chinese teams.
The event this year will take place from August 1-4 in the Hangzhou International Expo Center.


Is August 1st a setup day or will it be actual competition?

@snoman i did, but it didnt answer my question^

August 1st is inspections and practice day. So basically the first day of regionals.
August 2nd and 3rd are qualification matches. At the end of quals on the 3rd, alliance selection for the first set of elims (including international teams) occurs.
The 4th is both sets of eliminations matches, and the closing ceremony.

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I am estimating that i will only see 359, 1678, and 4613 at this event. I consider making shirt trades…

I am looking forward to going again this year, last year was awesome with the exception of the humidity…

See the full schedule here: http://www.firstinspires-hangzhou.org/2019/competition.shtml
Times are in China Standard Time.

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The workshop this year is in Suzhou though. Suzhou is not far from Hangzhou, about 1.5hr if you take the high speed rail. You can also take the subway from train station to the Hangzhou International Expo Center (where G20 Hangzhou holds). Finally, welcome to Hangzhou!

Due to some family emergency, a change of plans will put me elsewhere. :disappointed_relieved: Maybe next time.

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