[RCC] Robotics Championship China

Want to watch robots over the weekend or learn Chinese? RCC has got you covered.

Note: This competition is in Hangzhou, China, and is in Chinese for almost everything.

Twitch: Twitch
Douyu: FRC中国赛事直播频道0直播_数码科技直播_斗鱼直播

TBA: Robotics Championship China (2021) - The Blue Alliance

2021-05-29T00:30:00Z (0830 local, UTC+8) Open
2021-05-29T12:00:00Z (20:00 local) Close

2021-05-30T00:30:00Z (0830 local) Opening Ceremonies
2021-05-30T01:15:00Z (0915 local) Qualification Matches
2021-05-30T09:45:00Z (1745 local) 2021 FRC China Region Awards Ceremony
2021-05-30T11:00:00Z (1900 local) Close

2021-05-31T00:30:00Z (0830 local) Opening Ceremonies
2021-05-31T01:15:00Z (0915 local) Qualification Matches
2021-05-31T08:30:00Z (1630 local) 2021 RCC Awards Ceremony

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There will be subtitles, right? :slight_smile:

I doubt it – live subtitling an event seems ready difficult to pull off, and tbh there’s not much of a reason for them to do it

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Miss not being able to attend in-person and cheer on our pre-rookie teams we work with.


The 2021 FRC China Region Awards Ceremony will be in English and Chinese. The 2021 RCC Awards Ceremony will be in Chinese only.

Matches are starting pretty soon. seems like the twitch is having issues, but Douyu is working.

Seating policies seem laxed, but just about everyone has a mask on.

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