[RCU]: Annoucement-Please Join

The Robot Chicks Union has been re-started by a leadership team of
Young women on FRC teams. Please invite your female team members
to join the RCU at our new RCU yahoo group. Our Yahoo group is located
at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FIRSTRCU/

What is the RCU? - The RCU advocates the involvement of females in
FIRST. It is the mission of the RCU to inspire girls of all ages to
value science, engineering and technology.

Why join? - because it’s a chance to participate in chats with other
young women on FRC teams, to learn what works for them and what
doesn’t, and to share experiences. Also, you can meet women who have
“gone before” you - what’s it REALLY like to be a female mechanical
engineer in the business world? What kind of problems do you solve
and how? - What does an applied physicist do?

Join to find or even start a local chapter where you can participate
with other nearby FRC young women on field trips, or events to help
inspire the next generation of young women in FIRST.

Why now? - we’re readying several summer web events - so sign up now
so you can see our event calendar and get notices for other webevents
we’re planning.

Sincerely, the RCU Leadership team

Thanks for supporting the Robot Chicks Union.