[RCU]: Attn: RCU Gals Chat Time

This thread will be used to update everyone when the next chat is:

so the next one is…

Sunday, July 24, from 8-9 pm EST in the Yahoo Group site chatroom. This will be an informal chat- we’ll start lining up guest speakers after our first few chats. This chat will be targeted at students, but mentors are welcome to join. Please come with any questions, comments, or discussion topics that you might have. Please feel free to email Julia at g.magoolia@gmail.com.

Cya all there… anymore questions plz pm me or another RCU representative…Thanks!!

Hey ladies!

Chat going on right now! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FIRSTRCU/chat Even if you haven’t been involved before, come on in, we’re all really friendly and you’ll probably even have some fun!!!

The next chat will be August 7th at 8:00 eastern standard time… at our yahoo group… http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FIRSTRCU/chat

please join us!

TONIGHT!! IT’S CHAT TIME AGAIN!!! Please join us :slight_smile:

Where: our yahoo group

Hey girls -

Just to follow up on Tiff’s invite, if anyone is available at the moment, you are still more than welcome to join in the chat. We’re discussing more goals we have for this upcoming year. Hope to see you there!

Tonight August 21st we will be having a chat again.So if you are able to join, plz get on the yahoo group. click chat to login in. It starts @ 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

I hope to meet any new people and see old chatters there. Thanks.

Sunday October 2nd at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, we will be having a chat to discuss our chats and other important issues on our Yahoo Groop.

We hope you can join us!

Chat is going on now…if anymore are interested


click on chat to join :slight_smile:

We’ve finally reorganized our chat with Gwen Donahue, nanotechnologist extraordinaire! The chat will take place at our new chat site, http://tappedin.org. For help getting started on the site, please read this thread.
The chat will be 8pm EST on Sunday, October 29. Be sure to stop by!

Correction: Sunday October 30th