RCU seeks new leadership

It’s that time of the year. Our HS seniors are graduating (congratulations!). Time for us to ask who is interested in being an RCU Moderator for the 2003-2004 season. And time for you to step up to bat and take on a challenging and inspiring role in our organization. The Moderators are essentially the backbone of the RCU, so we are looking for willing and able candidates to fill next year’s open positions. If you’d like to be selected to hold office, please be aware that you are not limited to the responsibilities listed below. Each of our moderators work together on the same level to complete tasks in a timely fashion, and often times we help each other with different tasks even if they are specifically assigned to one individual. Below find a list of available positions and their descriptions. You will also see that we have created new Moderator positions. This is to improve and monitor the operation of our organization and ensure the fulfillment of the RCU’s mission in a most efficient manner. We also ask that if you are interested in a Moderator position, that you reply to robotchicks@hotmail.com by Saturday - June/21/2003 with a brief explanation of why you would like to be selected and the qualifications you feel you possess (one paragraph will suffice). The current moderators will review your “mini-proposal,” and we will unveil our new Moderator Panel June 24.

2003-2004 Moderator Positions

*President- develops agendas for moderator meetings (held once every month as on online chat), seeks volunteers for committees, writes agendas for monthly newsletters-this position is already filled

*Vice President of Operations-(must be a junior in HS or younger?)- monitors RCU projects and ensures they are running efficiently and effectively

*Vice President of Public Relations-(must be a junior in HS or younger?)- Seeks new partnerships with other organizations (example: Girls, Inc. and STEPS)

*Executive Chair- (usually a HS graduate)- provides leadership toward the achievement of the RCU’s mission, develops agendas with the President, gives feedback/guidance to other moderators and members-this position is already filled

*Vice Chair-(usually a HS senior or graduate)-ensures programs are run effectively and makes assessments in an effort to maintain efficient and effective programs and partnerships-this position is already filled

*Secretary-(any HS student)- writes monthly newsletters for the Robot Chicks Union and an update for mentors (based on the agenda given by the President), also sends out reminders for monthly chats

*Region Captains-(any member)- represents the RCU in their state or region (i.e. might be in charge of such things as emailing other RCU members of your specific region to collect feedback and then report it to moderator panel, etc), works with the other moderators to plan local projects and events (we are looking for captains in ALL regions!)

*Regional Representatives-(any member)-represents the RCU at competitions to help publicize the RCU and recruit new members (I’m sure you have all met a Regional Rep before! We are looking for representatives in ALL regions and usually do not limit the number of reps allowed since more help and member involvement is always welcome)

If you have any questions about any moderator position or any RCU methodology, please do not hesitate to contact the current Moderator Panel at robotchicks@hotmail.com. And always remember that we are in this organization to give support to each other. And to have fun, of course!

The 2002-2003 Moderators

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