[RCU]: The Robot Chicks Union Website

I noticed that people here picked up on the changes going on at the Robot Chicks Union website. So you know whose been messing up the website, I’ll take responsibility for the new look and layout. I’ve been working on it when I can, and believe it or not, the new website actually allows the content to be easily updated as necessary (and it’s necessarily under my control), so I’m not the best person to ask about changes to wording or so on, but I obviously know who to get in contact with.

Kudos to MattK for making the banner for the site, and Kristen for managing/writing the content. I would really appreciate some feedback on the site. Anything from ‘looks good’ to ‘I don’t like the light blue’ to ‘I think these links should be on the site’ would be helpful. There’s some bigger plans for the site down the road (like giving a page for each chapter of the RCU and some other projects), but right now, I just want layout, colors, and graphics and organization feedback. I’m not sure if the new site has been announced yet, but its certainly available. Please let me know!

** [edit: sorry about that…]
The Robot Chicks Union**

Maybe you could hook up those of us unfamiliar with RCU with a link.

There’s a link above now, sorry about that.

website is nice. colors are good. perhaps you could put more pictures up?

all you need is more info. and perhaps a page about the South Florida chapter so we can get a better idea about what is planned and a page explaining what everyone does. i dunno, just more info in general.

but otherwise, great job. logo’s nice and everything.

eventually soon more info will be up. please contact me by pm if they would like to be part of the south florida chapter or email me at sflorida@robotchicksunion.org


and thanks guys for putting the website back up. everything soon will be done and rolling even more.

So glad to hear something from the RCU again. I hope the young ladies in high school will have a way to once again, meet and connect through FIRST. It was a wonderful experience for me in high school.

Glad to see the web site back up.

YAY! The new site is AWESOME! Hopefully the RCU can be back in full swing soon… I didn’t see or hear anything about it in 2005.