RCU Unveils One Year Anniversary Site!

Ok…so I didn’t have the time nor the coding knowledge to make it nearly as cool as ChiefDelphi.com :wink: but I’m working on it!

New Features:

  • RCU Forums - Open to All
  • IRC Chat Room (separate channel from Tigerbolt)
  • Area For White Papers Written By and For Chicks

More to come - I hope the RCU Chicks can give me feedback to what they want - it’s how the forum came to life!


~ lora
RCU Webchick

Very nice RCU site… let’s hope many “chicks” take advantage of this cool opportunity.

Also… gotta love the pic of the cute brunette on the front page. Good thing she looks like her mother.

Andy B.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear… um…

looks at list

No way is The High Priest going to read all those names.

Happy birthday to you.

And many mooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee!

-Ed "Who now has a reason to call the girls on his team chicks :wink: " McDonnell