[RCU]: Women in Technology Chat- Join Us

If you are interested in speaking with our first woman panelist please mark your calender for OCTOBER 16th, 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Here’s a sneak preview:
She has been working in one of the hottest fields
around - Nanotechnology!

  • Ever want to know about it? Or how about what it’s like as a woman in a technical field? -

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We hope you all will join us! Stay tune for a brief bio of this incredible lady.

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As said earlier we would be having a guest speaker on our chat and here is a short bio on our guest speaker Gwen Donahue:
Ms. Donahue went to the University of Massachusetts – Lowell for Chemical
Engineering and to Middlesex Community College for Hazardous
Materials Management. She started her career at Dupont-New England
Nuclear working as a technician for cancer research in the Immuno-
pharmaceutical research and Development department. From there she
worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and then MIT (campus) working on
semiconductor and MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems) devices;
and helped the graduate students at MIT with processing issues and
equipment related problems. Ms. Donahue worked on various projects such as
Drug Delivery devices, Micro-Engines (Rockets, Pumps and Generators)
and built a few charged-coupled devices (CCD’s) that were installed
in several satellites. She also worked on Night-vision technology in
the early 90’s. Recently she took a job at MicroCHIPS, INC. as a
MEMS Engineer building drug delivery devices and does most of her
research at MIT. When Ms. Donahue is not working, she is a mentor on Bishop
Guertin High School’s 1st Robotics team 811. She also enjoys time
with her family and plays saxophone in a band.

We hope you will join us in meeting this wonderful lady.
Remember it’s October 16th at 8:00 EST. Mark it on your calender today!!!

Thank you again Ms. Donahue for joining and speaking to us. And everyone else thank you again for your continue support for the RCU.

Remember tonight is our chat with Ms. Donahue!!!

This should be really exciting. We hope you all can join us at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on the Yahoo! Group

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Hi girls…

Unfortunately, Yahoo Chat has changed their policy to only allow chat members over the age of 18. We are currently looking for a new site to host our chats, and due to this setback, we will be postponing our chat with Gwen Donahue to next week- that’s Sunday, October 23, at 8:00 pm EST.
If you know of a site to host the RCU, please contact me at [email protected].

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope to see you next week!

Hi everyone!

Please remember tomorrow nite we will be having our chat with Ms. Donahue at our new chat location.

It is again at 8 pm EST on October 29, 2005.

We hope you can join us!

Please remember to login, we really hope you can join us for this exciting event.

Thanks and have a great day and hope to “see” you there.

The chat’s gotten started- feel free to log in on our new site. I hope to see you all there!