RCX Programming

so heres my problem i’m trying to up load firmware and it keeps giving me this error “transfer data failed, unlock firmware failed…” i have already checked for dead batteries on the RCX and thats not the problem. are there any ideas out there for me? thanks.

Three things,
Try changing to a different port for the tower and let software find it again. Enclose the RCX and tower in a box as there may be inteferring IR sources that interupt the data transfer. Remove the batteries for at least five minutes to let the memory drain all the way down, then try again.
I am of course assuming that the RCX hardware is compatable with the version of firmware you are loading. There are still some very early RCX bricks that are not able to load the more recent versions firmware.

Make sure the IR tower is set on short range and the RCX is close to it (about 6 inches). If you are using something other than the default LEGO software to download it, try using the slow firmware download option. (if applicable.)

acually no you do not want the tower set to short range. you want it set to long range no mater what. it it is one of the old serial towers make sure that it has a good 9 volt battery

Short range uses slightly less power, and if the RCX is too close, the long range can be too strong, causing interference. Hence my reason for saying short. :slight_smile:

That’s an early brick! I have a RIS 1 brick, and it works fine. Are you talking about engineering samples?

We were told that some versions of the brick, not RIS, had different hardware/firmware and would have a problem running RIS2.0 or above. I have never personally come across any, but had it reported to me on one of the FLL boards. This is not the software problems people have had with RIS running on different OS like NT, etc. which is a different problem altogether.

Are you saying that the software on the computer is incompatible with the firmware on the brick? If so, all you have to do is upgrade to the firmware that comes with whatever version of the software you are using. Or, switch to BrickOS… :wink:

What I am saying is it was reported that firmware shipped with RIS 2.0 would not load/work on old bricks. I am just passing along an anecdotal report of firmware problems with very early bricks. I have not had any problems with current hardware or firmware.

I believe that is incorrect. My v1 Brick (that comes with RIS 1) works fine on the firmware shipped with RIS 2. When I say v1, I mean it has a power plug.

Unfortunattely, all of a sudden, my RCX 2.0, stopped functioning.

It doesent even goes on and off.
The batteries are new.

I’ve tried to unlocking it by removing the batteries and holding the on/off button until I hear a beep as lego mentions, but nothing happens, no beep for me.

I would like to ask if there is a way to unlock the RCX.

I already opened it and it seems nothing’s wrong inside…

Please help…