Re-announcing the official unofficial TBA-API!


It’s been a few years since my last post on this, so I think it’s time for an update/reminder.

Now that robot build is winding down, scouting efforts is winding up, and events are right on the horizon, you’re probably looking for a way to get team information into your tools. The Blue Alliance has an API available, but doesn’t provide any official libraries. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pre-built library to use instead of having to build it yourself?

(Re)Introducing TBA-API!

You’ll notice one glaring change, this project has been moved from my personal github account into a github organization!

There are a variety of languages already available (many thanks to @tweirtx) , but feel free to request more if you have a specific need! These libraries are generated from TBA’s Swagger Spec file, so we’re somewhat limited by what swagger-codegen supports.

If anyone is interested in contributing or helping support this, please DM me and we can figure something out.


My pre-built library of choice is curl /s

In all seriousness, thanks for making these client libraries available for everyone!


Having a Postman collection of all of the TBA REST calls would be fantastic, as Postman can auto-generate code for a variety of programming languages. Might be easier to maintain too.

But great work! Looks fantastic!

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