Re-apply to Solidworks Sponsorship

Hello! I am attempting to obtain a new Solidworks key for my team. We applied for a sponsorship last year and were accepted so I now have Solidworks 2018. Is there a way to upgrade this key to a newer version through the same sponsorship or do I need to go through the sponsorship request survey again?

Thanks in advance!

We had keys for the 2018-2019 version of SolidWorks
You need to go through the survey again.
Its not very long
I’ve sent it on the 4th and they gave me the keys just now

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That is correct. To be fair however, our team typically prioritizes funding/money-giving sponsor (yes SW does technically as well), and we upgrade solidworks every two/three years. In my experience, nothing dramatically changes from year to year. But it also depends on how long your licenses last.