Re: Coefficient of Friction on Carpet?

does anyone know which legal material would be the best for the carpet? any ideas are greatly appreciated. thanks.

What’s your goal? Traction, sliding, combination, pushing, the list goes on.

And if you know what your goal is right now, I think you should step back and think about your design again.

Velcro :wink:

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Banned from this use under <R08>.

I should probably get to reading on the details of the playing field this year. Is the floor surface carpet?

Yup, it’s carpet. Also, AndyMark publishes coefficients of friction for most of their wheels on carpet on their site. Any other materials you come up with you can measure the CoF yourself.

Roughtop or Wedgetop tread are going to be the two “best” (Highest CoF) tread materials you will commonly find.

Completely agree, with the addition of red nitrile belting. Simple wheels may make climbing less than reliable. However, FRC teams have an astounding ability to prove forum predictions wrong.

Warning to rookie teams as well as second year teams (which the original poster may be based upon the team number, since last year the wheels and friction were not a variable).

High friction can cause significant steering issues in a simple 4 wheel skid steer drive train. This was covered quickly during the kick-off, but with all that was covered, just a reminder.