Re: [FUN Spotlight]AMAA with 2015 Woodie Flowers Award Recipient: Mark Lawrence

Hello FRC Community!

Spotlight is back with another episode on Tuesday, February 2nd at 8:30PM EST.

Our guest is the recipient of the 2015 Woodie Flowers Award at Championships, mentor on FRC1816, and the Minnesota Regional Planning Committee Chairman: Mark Lawrence!

Mark will be joining us to talk about the explosive growth and success in Minnesota and his journey leading up to receiving the Woodie Flowers award at Championships.

Post your questions on this page or in chat live. It could be anything about Mark and his experiences in FIRST!

If you would like to watch live on the 2nd at 8:30PM EST, please go to our Twitch channel.

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Hope to see everybody in FRC Chat World on the 2nd!

What do you think is the biggest component to the massive and successful expansion in Minnesota the last 10 ish years?


Thank you for your unending support for all things FRC in Minnesota and beyond.

You (and your team) have been an incredible inspiration to all of the FRC community. You have mentored countless teams; how are you able to continue to inspire teams as each poses their own unique struggles?


Alex Jurek
FRC 4607 Mentor


What is your vision for the future of Minnesota FIRST relating to its continued growth and development?

What do you think needs to happen in order for MN FIRST teams to become even more competitive?

What are the biggest FIRST-related hurdles we have as a state in the near future?

What does 1816’s robot look like this year?:smiley:

Congratulations on winning the Woodie Flowers award at Champs last year! I don’t know anybody who is more deserving. I wouldn’t be involved (or probably even be aware of) FIRST without you and 1816, so I thank you and The Green Machine for that. You’ve inspired countless thousands of students and mentors across Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and beyond.

Thanks, Ryan Swanson

Hey folks we will be starting in just a minute. Hope to see you at !

I really wish I could tell you! Expect to see some interesting things.

I wouldn’t expect anything less :wink:

Awesome show Tyler!

Thank you everyone who watched the show live.

If you missed it or want to see it for the 50th time check it out on YouTube

Thank you once again to Mark Lawrence for being a fantastic guest!