Re-imaging a laptop which is not classmate!!

We lost our classmate so I ve done some work on a laptop and transformed it into a classmate. But I dont know how to re-image a laptop which is not classmate.

Unless some one has created an image for you for the laptop you are planning to use then I don’t think you actually want to reimage.

I assume you are looking to set up your computer to perform all of the functions of the Classmate.

What you need to do is download the Newest Version of the drivers station software, and install the development software for the language you are programming in (there should be a DVD for it in your Kit of Parts) Then install all updates for the software.

You should be able to find links to the updates on the KOP site and the Labview site.

Just to add to that, If you want it to work into Competition, you need to create an account that is called Driver.

There are some ways to make that account similar to the Driver account on the classmate. I’m currently working on writing a PDF that will take you through those steps. I’ll post it as soon as I’m Done.

Good Luck!

Thank you but I ve already done with doing that. What I want to ask now is it says in the instructions of “Re-imaging the classmate”: “Insert the USB Thumb Drive into a USB port on the Classmate. (Remember use the “2011 Imag
for the ’11 Classmate” for the Classmates distributed to Rookie teams in 2011 and the “2011
Image for the ’10 Classmate” for the Classmates distributed in 2010).” Now is the laptop I have transformed it into classmate 2010 or 2011.

I am unsure why you would want to reimage your laptop. It isn’t necessary to reimage it, just to add the latest software that makes your laptop into a driver station. I apologize if I misundeterstood your question.


Sorry I thought I had to re-image it! Then laptop does not need to be re-imaged to communicate with cRio. I am having problems about communicating with the cRio and I thought it was because I didnt re-image my laptop.

Unless your laptop is a 2Go Classmate PC, you haven’t transformed it into one.

I think the 2010 Classmate is an E09 model, and the 2011 one is an E11. You can’t change one kind of hardware into another just by loading software.

Can you please tell me what should I do now to have done all of the work with my laptop that others do with their classmate?

Should I use 2010 USB thumb driver or 2011 USB thumb driver to re-image my laptop? Or Dont I need to re-image my laptop at all?

Thanks in advance…

Do not use the Classmate imaging stick on your laptop.
It can only be used specifically on a Classmate.

The image stick is just to restore/install the Classmate specific Windows 7 operating system.
Your laptop already has it’s own operating system.

All the software you need for your laptop to program or be your Driver Station is contained on the DVDs that came with the kit and the software updates from the FIRST site.

Can I use the stick on a classmate that was not distributed by FIRST and we bought it ?

We are using a different netbook as the driverstation this year. Is the only thing that has to be done to use it in competition is to create a user named Driver and simply open up the driverstation from the start menu before plugging into the FMS?

You will have to make sure your IP settings are correct before connecting, too.
On a third party laptop the Driver Station may not automatically make the settings correctly.

It might also help to turn off all additional network interfaces except for the Ethernet port connecting to FMS.

You don’t need all of LabVIEW but you must install at least the LabVIEW Tools and cRIO Drivers, as well, to get the Dashboard working.
I think they are all in the Utilities Update, but I haven’t tested to be sure.
So, from the Software Updates page, you need the Utilities and Driver Station Updates.

Okay, thanks!

I’m not sure what you are asking.

To put it simply, you don’t need flashdrives, and theres no imaging to be done.

You simply take the Labview Software disk that came in your teams KOP, and install that on the computer of choice (it includes the Driver Station which you must install even if you don’t use LabView or not) and then the software for your programming language of choice.

If you want to set up the laptop to function similarly to the classmate, that PDF I mentioned I’m working on will give you the instructions for that.

Just to confirm, I we use out lap top for the competition, we need to create an driver account? If this is try, do you know why?


Yes, to compete you must have a user account named “Driver”.

The Field Management System that controls the playing field has been coded by FIRST to connect only to laptops plugged into the Driver Station running in a “Driver” account. It also must have your specific team IP address.