Re-introduce or withdraw game piece

Is it legal to introduce a game piece from the double substation using the shelf, then take it back in order to introduce a different game piece, or re-orient a game piece (e.g. put a cone back upright if it falls on its side, but is still on the shelf) ?

If the robot has had control of the game piece, no.

Per G401:

G401 *Keep GAME PIECES in bounds. ROBOTS may not intentionally eject GAME PIECES from the
FIELD (either directly or by bouncing off a FIELD element or other ROBOT).

Contrast to H504:

H504 GAME PIECES through PORTALS only. GAME PIECES may only be introduced to the FIELD
B. through a PORTAL, and
C. during TELEOP.

If there is no robot involved, it is probably legal to use the shelf to swap around game pieces.

As long as the game piece is still on the shelf when it’s pulled back by the human, I don’t see a problem.

A robot placing a game piece back on the shelf… I think that’s worth a Q&A as to whether it violates G401. I don’t see anything else offhand that would prohibit it.

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To clarify, here are two scenarios that we are wondering about (there are, of course, more):

  1. A human player introduces a cone via the shelf, and while sliding the shelf laterally, the cone falls on its side but remains on the shelf. No robot has yet touched the cone. Can the human player retract the cone back into the loading zone by sliding the shelf back, right the cone, then re-introduce the cone back to the loading station?
  2. A human player introduces a cube via the shelf, but before any robot acquires it, decides they would rather introduce a cone. So they bring the cube back, remove it from the shelf, and place and present a cone.

I don’t see any reason in the rules for either of those situations to be illegal.

If the robot were to touch it and place it back on the shelf, that would be up to Q&A to see if that counts as ejecting game pieces (G401)

How Q&A answers will be interesting, but the sliding plate is inside the field so putting a game piece on it is legal for a robot to do, and I don’t see anything prohibiting a player from sliding a piece back through the portal.

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