Re-introducing Jared H-K's Lead Queuer Tool

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I’ve made some key updates to my Lead Queuer Tool. Assigned Lead Queuers for official events will find this tool available in their folder under “Community Shared Resources.”


This tool was built after years of looking at systems other queuers developed to keep their events running on time. Thanks to all those people for your inspiration! Certain elements are unnecessary at certain events (e.g. simple venue layouts might not use the pit map view), but I’m hopeful this will help. Feel free to modify, adapt, distribute as you’d like (just link back to the original).

As with all my resources, feedback is welcome, as are feature requests. Hope this increases visibility for those not poking around the box folder, those who are unofficial lead queuers, and anyone like me who enjoys a mean, lean spreadsheet machine.


Instructions and a link to the document can be found here: Queuing Tool - Resource Hub


  • Keep track of the whereabouts of each team
  • Visually identify the pit locations of teams needed for upcoming matches
  • Automatically generate playoff match information, before the FMS
  • Optionally share data with queuing staff

New for 2022

  • Automatically import schedules via API (no more late night copy paste!)
  • Automatically get alliance data via API (no more field side copy paste!)
  • Improved interface
  • Slimmed down instructions

Process overview/Instructions


1. Make a copy of the document

2. Enter your event code

3. Configurable team and match statuses, dependant on your venue

4. Configure a pit map for large venues or to communicate to queuers in the pit/pit admin

5. Automatically pull the match schedule. You’ll need to authorize the script your first time using the tool.

6. Mark matches as “queuing” to highlight them on the map

7. Track the whereabouts of each team. Mark matches “complete” to hide them from the list.

8. Automatically pull alliance selection data and generate a playoff match schedule, before the FMS.

9. Track playoff results to continue dynamic schedule generation through finals.

Make a copy


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