Re-scouting a new day.

Posted by nick237 at 04/02/2001 9:55 PM EST

Engineer on team #237, sie h2o bots, from Watertown high school ct and sieman co.

If I was using scouting information gathered from the regionals in Florida I definately would not pick my team. we had the most disasterous regional ever…
We went home like a whiped dog, and then we did what we the"SIE H20 BOTS" do best… re-built a master piece. Our new Robot is rebuilt from the ground up and frankly has no resemblance of our regional junk. We let a lot of great teams down in Hartford and vow that will not happen in Florida. Give us the oportunity to prove our worth and you will see we are a contender that will go all the way.
Other teams had problems and if they recognized them like we did then they too will have revamped their designs. Please dont let past poor expriences cloud your judgements, give everyone another look-see.
Archimedes the division our team is in has most of the best of the best, and as many of the teams that recognized some of their problems and spent their time after the regionals fixing and honing, we must assume that we have even more great teams to work with.
As far as im concerned I think its in the bag that our division has the best chance of scoring the highest score in the nationals and that a team from the Archimedes division will go onto win the finals…