Re: unavailability of the 2022 San Mateo (CA) FRC practice field

Hi everyone,

Due to all local venues we’ve contacted being unable to provide us with space, we cannot set up a practice field. We’ll let you know if anything changes, but as of now it doesn’t seem like we will have a San Mateo practice field for the 2022 FRC season :frowning:

If any teams have information about other local practice availabilities, please respond in the thread below.

  • Also, if you know about a local venue that can provide space, we are still able to commit resources to help set up a field – please contact us at Contact Us — Iron Panthers or at Burlingamerobotics at Gmail dot com.

This is a huge bummer, 253 benefited so much from the practice field. Thanks to Burlingame for being a driving force, so many bay teams benefit from your efforts!


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