Re-watch matches immediately

3rd quarterfinal tiebreaker between alliance 2 and 7 in Orange County.
The red alliance (2) won by 8 points, but as one of their bots was climbing to lvl 3 it looked like a wheel fell off that the refs missed.

I wanted to go back and see it again.

edit: As long as the main body is supported, that still counts?

Wheel fell off yeah, but they still got onto level 3 just fine so why wouldn’t it count?

Yea as long as everything is being supported by the level platform, so not the ground or friction against the wall, then it counts.

You might be referring to G21, but since the wheel is likely not something that was intentionally supposed to fall off, it isn’t counted against the team.

Where did the wheel land?

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Unless it was in another robot’s frame perimeter it likely wouldn’t have made a difference.

The key questions here are:

  • Was the wheel completely supported by L3 surface when it stopped moving or at T-5 seconds, whichever came first? If so, the climb counts, ignore second question.
  • Is a piece which has inadvertently fallen off a robot still considered part of the robot, in particular for the endgame scoring?

Trying to answer the second question: Many pieces have inadvertently fallen off many robots over the years, a significant fraction of them in 2016 STRONGHOLD. If these parts were to be considered “still part of the robot”, we would have seen A LOT more fouls and technical fouls for extending too far beyond the frame perimeter as the robot drove away from the fallen piece(s). Generally, fallen parts are not penalized unless they are key components (batteries and bumpers are the main culprits here), the separation is deemed intentional, or (like Sir Nicholas’ head) have not completely parted company from the body and then violate a rule.


To answer the first question, the part fell during the climb.
To the second part, I agree that there was no advantage to the part falling off so I can see how it would get a pass.

All in all it was a good match, at T0 I think there was a 1 point difference so we had to see what climbs counted (I don’t think they had them up immediately) and how many penalties there were (which were not many, maybe two)

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