Reaction support: Thumbs down emote fails

When using the :-1: react, a “something went wrong” error appears on selection. This is happening on Android in Chrome. Haven’t tested other devices or browsers yet. I can confirm that most other reacts are working – haven’t tried them all yet.


Same happens on chrome on desktop


I’ll also toss in Firefox on Win10 for that issue. A quick check says that it’s ONLY that emote, all others are fine.

@Brandon_Martus I take it you’re trying to keep us dishing out positive vibes instead of negative ones?

IOS Safari too.

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This may be intentional by the CD mods. Not sure.

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Since this is already a thread, I’m wondering how the thumbs-down emote works. If you get one, does it count as a “like” towards your account? Or maybe is there a way for it to count as a negative like (i.e. take away a like)

Seems counter-intuitive if the person with the most likes could be a troll with a ton of thumbs-downs

Opera on Windows 10 issue as well.

It’s not that smart, it would count as a reaction … I believe they are working to rename ‘likes’ to ‘reactions’ but haven’t finished yet in this version of Discourse (or this version of the reactions plugin).

I’ve let them know the -1 emoji is causing server errors …

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I didn’t even know you could do emoji reactions to posts…

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its new and pry cool :sunglasses:


Can confirm that it fails on Brave Browser on Win10 (Not surprising, Brave is based on Chromium).

This is a server error (PUT{id}/custom-reactions/-1/toggle.json returns 422), so browser reports are probably not needed.

I’d prefer not to have this emoji available. CD already does a vigorous job of letting people know when they are wrong.



(Sorry this felt like a set up)


On the other hand, I’d appreciate being able to just react “I disagree with you” instead of writing a response and potentially getting that misinterpreted or accidentally coming off far more aggressive than I intended to.


I’m using Brave on Win 10, shields up, and its working, but scripts not blocked on CD.

And then we could have reactions to reactions, so the OP could react to your disagreement, and then…

Oh no, that’s starting to sound like a conversation.

Coming soon…CD stories


This has been fixed, and we’ve updated to the latest.

You’re right, it works ( had to try it! ) :laughing:

Is it just me or is reacting on mobile (other than :heart:) is more difficult?