Reactor poll

Hey all, I want know how many people are using Reactor. If you don’t know what it is used for, then read the manual and find out a more in-depth explanation. Reactor is physics plug-in, just like simcloth but better in my opinion. I’ve been using this plug-in for about a year almost, ever since the TSA SciViz nationals in Richmond VA. It’s a hard plug-in to use and under stand but makes animating collisions and gravity a lot easier.

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I don’t think I’ve got a single particle system or dynamics situation planned in the whole thing, so no. CS, on the other hand… God save CS when it works right. Even though it leaves a lot to be desired when trying to adjust the center of gravity.

Reactor is extremely easy to use. The problem is that it is so limited. You can learn how to use all the tools effectively in under 30 minutes. Well, most at least.

I don’t see much use for it in my animation unless I wanted to lift a clothe off our robot or field, but that’ll probably be a cliche since everyone has Reactor.

Another problem with Reactor is that the collision system isn’t that great. Unlike Simclothe, different dynamic objects will never get even close to each other, so I can’t even use it for clothing.

Anyone find any other uses for it?

only other reason i can see y one would use reactor is realistic hair movement on ppl, but i don’t think anyone has the time to go through that much trouble, esspecially when you can use shag: hair if you need hair, or many other plug-ins for hair…

i know we are not using reactor…

Yes, we are definately using reactor and loving it. It is very simple to use but to get what you want is time-consuming. BrainCore - You might have the problem of bumping your tolerance up too high. If your objects react to each other before they actually touch each other than it is definately tolerance. Reactor can be used for a huge amount of things from clothes to water to even terrain modeling.